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Texans for Cody Garrett is more than a political organization, although its goal, along with its sister organization, 427 PAC, is to elect the first Democratic officeholder statewide in Texas in a generation and to keep gasoline and natural gas prices affordable. Affordable for the Mom and Pop at the pump. For Grandpa and Grandma. For the folks working day in and day out.

It’s an effort to put a regular person on the Commission that regulates oil and gas in this great state. It’s an effort to restore balance to the three-member commission that dominates energy, pipelines, drilling, mining, and many other key parts of the Texas economy.

Right now, we have one-party rule. And these three are a heck of a lot more interested in Exxon, Chevron, Valero, Halliburton, and British Petroleum than they are about safety, workers, consumers and the price at the pump. They dominate the workers, undercut the independent oil and gas companies, and their bosses get together in glass houses and decide how they can get away with wasting our resources and endangering our environment. They’ve been bought and paid for. You don’t put the fox in charge of the henhouse.

That’s why Cody Garrett is running for Texas Railroad Commissioner. For balance. For real people. For you! To get the industry to stop lining its pockets at everyone else’s expense.

We need a commissioner that’s willing to work to make them clean up their act. We need Cody Garrett. He will fight for you, not the corporations.

Vote Cody Garrett for the Texas Railroad Commission in 2016. Vote for Cody Garrett on March 1. Vote Democratic on November 1. Vote for reform, for safety, for progress, and balance.


Monday, March 28, 2016 5:08 PM

Now Is The Time

Dear friends and supporters,

The heat is on. The time is now. If you can contribute any amount of your hard-earned money to a campaign that respects the people, plans to win, and doesn’t roll over for big oil and big gas -- that has a web site (as opposed to Grady) and a professional staff.

A campaign for a candidate that does his homework and is talking about energy and a place for Texas at the international discussion about oil and gas, please consider clicking on our contribution button on the front page of Contribute whatever you can for the only Democrat in the race: $5, $10, $20, so together we can restore balance to the Texas Railroad Commission.

And together, this year, we can elect the first statewide Democrat in over two decades. I need your help. I need your enthusiasm. And believe me, we have a chance to win.

Vote for Cody Garrett on May 24.

Monday, March 28, 2016 5:06 PM

Cody Garrett is the Only Democrat for RRC

The Hidalgo County Democratic Party recently performed an exhaustive study of the voting records of the candidates in the May 24 runoff.

Their results for RRC? “Cody Garrett has consistently voted in Democratic primaries.”

His opponent, Grady, “has consistently voted in Republican primaries.”

Grady also ran several times as a Republican for various offices and lost.

I respectfully request that Democrats vote for a Democrat, not a Republican pretending to be a Democrat.

Thursday, August 6, 2015 10:00 AM

Cody Garrett on 'Growing Up'

Government cannot sit idly by while the lesser angels of our collective community pilfer and punish and get away with taking everything off the table, while good people who work hard and care for each other fight for the crumbs.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015 10:00 AM

Cody Garrett on 'Keep Gasoline Prices Low'

It is about just a few things: the price you pay for gasoline and the price you pay for natural gas. The price paid by miners, steelworkers, property owners, and everybody in the extraction industries that work hard every day to keep Texas in the energy sunspot. I’m proud of every one of them. I want people to be safe in the field and safe and secure in their property. That’s not easy, but that’s the RRC’s job.

Thursday, July 30, 2015 3:45 PM

Cody Garrett on 'Why I'm Qualified'

I’ve been a Democratic Party Precinct Chair since the late 1990’s -- I took a hiatus when I worked for the press. And then I jumped into politics with both feet. 2008 -- Mark Thompson for RRC. Mark got over four million votes. Kinky Friedman in 2010, again in 2014, and Mayor John Cook for Land Commissioner in late 2014. The people I worked with -- they were just amazing. Texas has a beautiful blue future. paid for by 427 PAC & Texans for Cody Garrett
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